We are a local company serving residential hardwood flooring needs in the South Florida market. Most of our work is by referral, and we truly appreciate past customers who continue to refer us to their friends and acquaintances.

Our customers are typically looking for a hardwood flooring contractor with the experience to look at their existing floors, recommend what needs to be done with them (repairs and refinishing), give them ideas for additions (adding to the floor area), deal with transitions to other flooring materials as required, deal with door thresholds, add decorative elements (borders, medallions), and update the perimeter baseboard moldings, suggest stain colors and finish sheens that are compatible with the rest of their home.

Color Wood Floor has over 20 years of hardwood flooring experience, and we are licenced and insured.

Almost all of our work is confined to the residential remodeling market, where experience, complete understanding of the owner's objectives, and patience and attention to detail is critical. We are a small company intent on remaining small to afford the quality workmanship our customers appreciate, at a cost that is not only competitive for the work done, but adding a value to the homeowner beyond the cost, in terms of personal satisfaction, appraisal and re-sale value.

Typically our refinishing jobs take about one week to perform. We do our very best to hold to our schedules, and have seldom failed to meet expected start and finish dates with our customers, even though they have had to juggle our schedule to coincide with other remodeling work being done on the project. We cannot guarantee this, but it is a guiding principle we work with, knowing that the floor finishing is almost the last item to be completed on projects, and everyone is anxious to finally bring an end to their remodeling project.

New Floors

We specialize in new construction and remodel work. We can add hardwood floors to new construction areas, existing areas that might be carpeted or tiled, or extend wood floor areas to existing wood flooring.



We are often called in to repair water-damaged floors, or to correct improperly sanded/finished floors.

Often new homes receive only two coats of finish on the floors when the home is built. Within five years or so, the finish wear may have worn through, requiring re-sanding and finishing.

Older homes often have been victims of do-it-yourself sanders using rental equipment. Pets, water from planters and carpet shampooing also impacts older floors over the years. Usually all of these conditions can be overcome with re-sanding and finishing.


Extending Existing Floors

Many newer homes have hardwood entrys, hallways and kitchens but the family room is carpeted. We can usually "lace" a new floor into the old floor so that it all appears to be an original installation when done.

Custom Staining

The last 15 years has been a period where "natural" finishes were used extensively. Over time, most floors yellow with age, and have a "dated" appearance. Even though the floor and finish are in good condition, they just don't match the rest of the décor. A stain will often provide an entirely new look, and stained floors tend to be more color-fast than natural floors.

Contact Us: 305-776-3584 • info@colorwoodfloor.com
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